Crafted to redefine outdoor comfort, the HangPad all-in-one hammock has a unique design. It’s not only a hammock but also a sleeping pad and beach blanket.


Insulated hammock: Experience comfort with the innovative inflatable design that not only insulates you from the elements but also provides extra shoulder room for a refreshing night’s sleep.
Double-wide sleeping pad: Moreover, the double-wide design ensures you have enough room to share the pad.
Waterproof beach blanket: Made from abrasion-resistant ripstop nylon, the HangPad keeps moisture, dirt, sand, and grass at bay.
Adjustable pillow: The fully adjustable pillow has its own air valve for customization of firmness.
Built-in tree straps and integrated carabiners: Maximize efficiency, save space, and set up quickly with built-in tree straps and integrated carabiners.


Embrace convenience, elevate your adventures, and make the outdoors feel as comfortable as your own bed.