Experience a solution for insomnia with the Helight Sleep red-light-therapy sleep device. Recognized for its effectiveness, it offers a safe, natural insomnia solution.


Pure 630 nm Red Light Protocol: Harnessing the power of pure 630 nm red light in a patented protocol, this technology is scientifically based and inspired by NASA. It ensures a faster, better, and deeper sleep experience.
Natural sleep method: The device emits red light for 14 minutes, gradually fading out to induce relaxation. This triggers a biological response, promoting natural melatonin production for a deeper, more restful sleep.
Easy to use: It has a USB rechargeable battery and a portable and travel-friendly design.
No subscription or app required: Finally, with no subscriptions or apps needed, better sleep is at your fingertips.


Turn on the device before bed—it will automatically power down after completing its protocol. So sleep faster, better, and deeper.