Use a clean towel every time with the Mizu Antibacterial Towels. They fight bacteria using pure silver threads and soft cotton.


Kill bacteria: With threads of pure silver stitched in, these towels eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. The silver destroys an electron from the bacteria’s membrane, preventing its reproduction and killing it.

Color change: The MizuTech color-changing strips detect impurities, letting you know when it’s time for a wash.

Super-soft texture: Inspired by traditional towel-making techniques from Imabari, Japan, the brand creates spa-grade textured towels. You’ll feel the difference with each use.

Fast drying: Meanwhile, these high-quality towels dry fast. Their weaving maximizes exposure to air.

Luxurious design: But that’s not all. Mizu towels are more significant than standard towels, giving you more coverage.


Keep your skin and body healthy after bathing with these antibacterial towels.