Change the way you think about accessory mounting when you go for the Monoblocc Monitor Rig. This accessory mounting solution lets you attach pretty much any accessory right to your monitor’s VESA mount.


Innovative design: This system’s VESA plate sandwiches between a monitor and a monitor arm. Then, it uses industry-standard components to attach any tripod-mountable accessory to your monitor.
Clutter-free space: Its unique design clears up space on your desk. This gives you more flexibility than other tabletop tripods or desk clamps would.
Convenient accessory mounting: Easily mount a professional podcast mic on it in any position around your monitor. Or create a full setup—including lighting—to film your desk.
Sustainability-minded: This upgradable, backwards-compatible system will work with future generations of your monitors and accessories.


With a patent-pending design, the Monitor Rig gives you the ability to seamlessly grow and rearrange your setup in the future.