Share memories with loved ones across the miles using myFirst Frame Doodle. This digital photo frame for families is durable and child-friendly.


Draw and Doodle: Let kids draw directly on the frame’s surface. Children can unleash their imagination, create artwork, or craft heartfelt messages for loved ones.

Sleek design: The modern and minimalistic design of the Frame Doodle complements any space in the family home.

Enhanced viewing experience: Enjoy photos and videos easily on the anti-glare glass screen, which minimizes reflections and resists fingerprints.

Bedside companion: The Frame Doodle is a versatile bedside companion, offering features like sunrise alarms and night mode to simulate natural sunrise and sunset.

Smart features: With smart power-saving and motion detection technology, the Frame Doodle conserves energy by automatically turning off when the room is empty. It reawakens when the user approaches.


The myFirst Frame Doodle is way more than just a digital photo frame!