Combining elegant design with cutting-edge AI technology is the Nobi Ceiling smart lamp. It can detect and prevent falls while monitoring the health and activity patterns of older adults.


Immediate assistance for 100% of falls: It automatically notifys care staff or family members if a fall is detected.
Stylish design: Nobi focuses on aesthetics, offering Nobi Ceiling in 2 colors—desert and slate—making it suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.
Preventive measures: Actively preventing falls, it uses automated lighting at night to prevent disorientation. And it notifys caregivers when older adults leave their rooms, enabling proactive assistance.
Privacy-protected data: In the event of a fall, Nobi provides caregivers and families with privacy-protected images. This aids in identifying the cause and preventing future falls.


Nobi Ceiling helps ensure the safety, independence, and dignity of older adults as they age in place.