Carry a mini gadget in your pocket that packs a bunch of features when you have the Orioners X2 multitool EDC flashlight. It’s a powerful flashlight as well as a pry bar!


Rechargeable flashlight: With the power to shine up to 30 meters away, it also has 2 lighting modes. Choose between bright white light and flashing modes.
Integrated pry bar: At the opposite end of the flashlight is a mini pry bar crafted with grade 5 alloys.
Durable materials: Built with strong high-quality metal, it can handle any weather and any terrain.
Bright mode: If you choose the super-bright white light mode, you’ll enjoy 50 or 130 lumens in the low or high option.
Burst mode: The flashing ability keeps you feeling safe as it lights the darkness around you.


Lighting your way, the Orioners X2 keeps you knowing where you’re going.