Play wireless music without connecting to apps with the Petastream S20. This app-free wireless speaker eliminates registration and password hassle.

When I’m playing music at home, I want to enjoy the moment, not deal with connecting my speaker to an app. But that’s what happens. So, when this app-free wireless speaker appeared on my review list, I was intrigued. Keep reading for my review of the Petastream S20!

Nowadays, most home audio systems require the internet and an app to work. However, many companion apps don’t work well, and new audio products have difficulty connecting with older Bluetooth versions. This results in you having to fiddle with the internet and app until the speaker works.

And that’s where the Petastream S20 comes in. With it, you don’t need a password or to register your information somewhere.

So, if you’re tired of restarting your router and wireless speakers to listen to your jams, check out my review below!

Petastream S20 product video

Stop wrestling with Wi-Fi

To use my home speakers, I usually need to reconnect/connect to the internet multiple times. It’s an unnecessary hassle that stands between me and my favorite tunes. But the Petastream S20 isn’t like other home audio systems. It connects to all Bluetooth devices and requires no app.

Yes, this app-free wireless speaker works without a network. All I have to do is plug it in and press a button on the one-touch panel to connect it to my phone. The speaker then plays music from my playlist. That’s it. There’s nothing to download or register for.

It’s a breath of fresh air compared to other wireless speakers. With this app-free speaker, I can enjoy my music instead of dealing with app and Wi-Fi connections. Because, most times, all I want to do is hear my music.

From the panel, I can also toggle between the transmitter and receiver modes and access the other functions. So this speaker really is intuitive and easy to use.

Enjoy superior sound from 2 full-range drivers

But I’m not one to choose ease-of-use over audio quality. When I play music while hosting a dinner party with friends or when I’m hanging out with my family, I want rich, room-filling sound.

Apparently, the creators of the Petastream S20 feel the same way. In addition to making an easy-to-use multiroom speaker, they also took care to create one that plays excellent audio.

For that reason, the brand outfitted the Petastream S20 with 2 full-range drivers. They also worked with a professional audio team to tune the audio EQ. This results in high-fidelity sound quality at any volume.

So I can switch from left, right, and stereo channels to hear defined vocals, instruments, and rhythms to create that immersive, room-filling experience I’m looking for.

Speak to people all over the house with this intercom speaker

Come dinnertime, my family is usually scattered in different parts of the house. So I either yell to get them to the table or walk to every room, calling them.

But doing all that isn’t necessary anymore with the Petastream S20. It also works as an intercom system. Yes, when I connect multiple speakers together, I can call my entire family for dinner at once. This saves me time and energy.

The intercom function would also be great for office use, allowing management teams to address the entire staff at once, without calling for a meeting. It would also let them provide quick updates throughout the day as needed.

And, of course, the audio communication via the intercom feature is crystal clear. You won’t deal with scratchy audio and can expect natural-sounding vocals.

Petastream S20 in a bedroom

Get expanded connectivity and coverage

What’s more, this wireless Bluetooth speaker gives me immersive sound in any room and throughout the house. Yes, with multiple speakers connected, home entertainment becomes a different experience. It’s like my favorite artists travel with me as I move from room to room.

Meanwhile, the speaker offers a pretty expansive range. It can cover up to 590 feet in open areas and 60~98 feet in indoor situations, elevating any moment.

Bring audio to diverse listening environments

While the Petastream S20 works great for me and my needs as a home user, that’s not everyone’s situation. For that reason, I think it’s important to note that the product suits a wide range of use scenarios.

According to the brand, the speaker is excellent for everything from homes and restaurants to events and exhibitions, providing immersive, easy-to-use audio anywhere.

I particularly think the speaker would work great in exhibition halls and event venues, where a speaker could address people in various spots across a large space.

My final thoughts on the Petastream S20 app-free speaker

With the Petastream S20 wireless speaker, I don’t have to wrestle with Wi-Fi connections or deal with cumbersome apps just to enjoy my favorite music. This app-free wireless speaker connects easily to my devices via Bluetooth, giving me instant access to my playlists.

What’s more, the sound quality is rich and enveloping thanks to the 2 full-range drivers and carefully tuned audio EQ. Whether I’m hosting people or enjoying a quiet evening with my family, the Petastream S20 delivers great sound.

But the features don’t end there. With its intercom function and ability to connect multiple speakers, I can communicate with family members and play music throughout the house. Plus, with its versatile design, this speaker can elevate any space, from restaurants to event venues.

Overall, I recommend the Petastream S20 to anyone looking for a hassle-free, high-quality audio solution. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and hello to uninterrupted music.

Want a Petastream S20 of your own? Preorder it today for just $199 on Indiegogo.

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