Providing unparalleled wrist support, the PROTECHT Wrist Wraps are ideal for lifters with smartwatches. Specifically crafted to seamlessly integrate around your smartwatch, these wrist wraps offer superior wrist support for lifting heavy weights while allowing lifters to track their workout progress effortlessly.


Preferred option: Developed in collaboration with the original designer of the iPhone running armband, PROTECHT Wraps are the preferred wrist wraps among lifters everywhere.
Innovative design: The innovative design ensures a secure fit around the smartwatch, delivering the right blend of wrist support and comfort.
Optional protection: PROTECHT Wraps offer an optional protection patch ideal for lifters who prioritize safeguarding their devices in the gym.
Patented design: USPA Powerlifting Approved, these patented wrist wraps have the support of 3,000+ lifters. This includes some of the top lifters in the world.


Overall, these wrist wraps give you better workout tracking along with great wrist support.