Reach the next level of your health journey with the Samsung Galaxy Ring. This wellness wearable simplifies your everyday wellness.


Comfortable wear: This slim smart ring fits comfortably over your finger, facilitating wear both day and night. If you find smartwatches bulky, this is the wearable for you.

Sleep insights: The Galaxy Ring offers sleep insights determined by heart rate, respiration, and movement.

Vitality score: See how ready you are for the day with the vitality score. It’s based on data about your physical and mental readiness, helping to predict your productivity.

AI coach: Samsung’s health services will integrate an AI coach, helping users make lifestyle changes more easily.

Compatibility with Samsung devices: Samsung aims to create a more connected wellness platform. So, most likely, this wellness ring will work with the gamut of Samsung mobile devices.


Get a better understanding of your health with the Galaxy Ring.