Holobox by Holoconnects, featured at CES 2024, goes beyond holographic gimmicks. It's reshaping advertising, transforming healthcare with detailed patient assessments, and enhancing hospitality experiences. The technology unlocks limitless possibilities, akin to the revolution smartphones brought 15 years ago.

Holographs have been a staple of the future ever since the first sci-fi movies showed them way back whenever. Ever since then they’ve captivated minds and techies have been trying to come up with cool and convincing ways of making it work.

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For a while, we seemed to have given up on holographic, relying more on CGI on account of we were getting most of our entertainment through screens anyway, but then, in 2012 at Coachella, Tupac made a holographic appearance that led a lot of us to question whether or not he had really died. Unfortunately, he did, but that just goes to show you what holographic technology had been doing all that time.

Holography with Holoconnects

Well, since then, 12 years have passed, and Holoconnects has taken up the torch in the world of holographics with their latest and greatest with Holobox, currently showcased at CES 2024.

Let’s take a closer look and see if we can tell immersive graphics from reality and find out what all the fuss is about.

Instead of going with the gimmick, Holobox blazes the trail on the practical uses of holographics while having a bit of fun. As it turns out, there’s more than one application for the new tech.

Holoconnects demo at a railway station

Redefined Advertising With Holobox

For the advertisement industry, the arrival of Holobox ushers in an era of immersive and impactful brand experiences. It offers a mechanism for advertisers to create captivating 3D representations of products or messages, ensuring memorable interactions that can significantly boost brand recognition and engagement.

I challenge you to forget the time a holographic person tried selling you a soda, go ahead, give it a try, I know I can’t.

Holography in Healthcare

In the realm of health technology, the Holobox is revolutionizing medical practices by introducing an innovative solution for healthcare professionals to actively participate in patient assessments and contribute valuable insights to potential surgeries. The holographic interfaces play a pivotal role in offering a more immersive and detailed perspective on patient data, empowering medical experts to conduct thorough assessments. One of the key advantages lies in the ability for professionals to remotely collaborate, enabling experts from diverse locations to virtually engage in patient intakes and share their expertise.

Holobox in hotels

The Future of Hospitality

In terms of the hospitality industry, the Holobox is emerging as an innovative solution to enhance guest experiences. It offers a new way to provide concierge services, display hotel amenities, or even to act as a virtual tour guide.

Would be nice next time I’m walking around the hotel that used to be a mansion trying to find breakfast in the morning after a hangover…oh don’t act like you haven’t been there.

Really what the Holobox has done is more than what it’s done. It’s given us the equivalent of paper and pen with the freedom to come up with the new application for this incredible tech. You really are only limited with your own mind when it comes to this thing, so yeah, maybe we’re witnessing the new revolution similar to smartphones 15 years ago, we might have a new take on reality, and yeah, i’m ready for it.

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