Transform your health and wellness with the LifeSpan Fitness Ampera Office Bike. It helps you stay active during hours of desk work.


Revolutionizing Work and Wellness: The LifeSpan Fitness Ampera Office Bike is a revolutionary desk bike. Use it to integrate work and wellness.

All-Day Comfort: The bike prioritizes comfort with a 2″ cushion seat, breathable fabric, and high-density molded foam. The lever-activated pneumatic seat ensures smooth adjustments.

Device Charging Capability: Stay connected while working out with a 15W wireless charger and a Type C USB port. The bike’s regenerative pedals let you generate up to 65 watts per hour at 60 rpm.

2023 HiP Winner: Meanwhile, this under desk bike is a 2023 HiP (HiPac Innovation Prize) winner. It is constructed using 30% recycled materials, and for every purchase, the company plants one tree and offsets 5kgs of CO2.


Stay fit while working with this desk bike.