Play vinyl on a work of art with the Brian Eno TURNTABLE II 2024. Created by English musician Brian Eno, it uses acrylic LEDs to enable changing color scapes.


Limited edition: Only 150 units are available, so this neon turntable is a unique piece for your space.

Artistic design: The TURNTABLE II 2024 isn’t just a music player. It serves as a sculpture when not in use.

Addressable RGB LEDs: With LEDs that change while you play a record, the look is flashy and cool.

TURNTABLE II’s specs: Expect the highest quality thanks to the acrylic platter and a 15V belt drive motor.

Plays 33 and 45 RPM vinyl: Meanwhile, you can play both 33 and 45 rpm records on this designer turntable. That way, it better suits your collection.


Take your passion for vinyl to new heights with this neon turntable!