Keep the space you work in tidy with the DeskBoard Buddy desk space organizer. It has a designated whiteboard space for jotting down reminders, phone numbers, and other important notes.


Premium glass surface: Thanks to the premium, nonabsorbent glass surface, the whiteboard wipes clean easily.

Keeps your desk tidy: Moreover, it removes any clutter and provides space for pens, pencils, staples, and other supplies in the hidden accessory compartment.

Stylish look: With this desk accessory, you’ll elevate your desk’s aesthetic as it has a sleek glass whiteboard design guaranteed to complement any workstation.

Elevates your devices: It’ll help you out whether you use a laptop or desktop with an external monitor. Its phone stand and iPad dock extend your laptop screen or let you view important apps while you work.


Stay happy and productive with the DeskBoard Buddy!