Meet the Drop CSTM65 space-saving keyboard. It has a fun decorative top and a compact design.


A space-efficient layout: With a compact 65% layout, complete with arrow keys, this mechanical keyboard offers space and functionality.

ABS keycaps: The sleek ABS keycaps with front-facing, laser-etched shine-through legends, and customizable per-key RGB lights cater to your aesthetic.
Customization: Also, you can set a custom lighting experience and macros with the STM32 chipset with QMK, VIA, and Vial support.

Tactile typing: Beneath its stylish exterior, the CSTM65 delivers an uncompromising typing feel. The polycarbonate inner case ensures the perfect balance of stability and flex.

Decorative top case: Meanwhile, this magnetic case attaches easily and comes in a range of styles. And around the case, the style is classic minimalist.


Elevate your typing game with the CSTM65!