Take a larger external screen on the move with the JSAUX FlipGo portable monitor. It connects to your laptop using just 1 cable.


1-cable connection: The FlipGo connects using just your laptop’s USB-C port. So you don’t have to deal with a mess of cables.

Helpful compatibility: Thanks to the DisplayPort MST (USB-C1) and DisplayLink (USB-C2), you can connect to dual screens using a single cable. That’s whether you have a Mac or a Windows laptop.

2 Sizes: Meanwhile, you can select it in either its 13.5″ or 16″ size.

Ergonomic design: This monitor has cutting-edge magnetic suction structures and 4 different types of stands. You can set the positioning that suits you.

Enhanced productivity: Plus, with 3 function keys and 6 ports, you can improve your productivity.


Whether you’re a creative professional, code editor, or a busy office worker, the FlipGo helps with efficiency.