Enjoy hands-on photography with the Fujifilm X100VI. This dial-based digital camera creates stunning images.


Unleash Your Creativity: Whether you prefer composing through the hybrid viewfinder, utilizing the tilting LCD, or trusting your instincts with preset settings, this camera ensures you never miss a moment.

Inspiring Design: Crafted with an aluminum top plate, machined dials, and tactile exterior, the X100VI inspires creativity.

Steady Shots, Stable Videos: The new in-body image stabilization system keeps your images sharp and videos stable in low light conditions.

Intuitive Dial-Based Controls: Echoing classic camera design, the dials on the top plate offer functionality and creative freedom.

Superb Optical Performance: Equipped with a 23mmF2 lens, you get edge-to-edge sharpness across the frame. The 40.2-megapixel sensor ensures stunning image quality.

Film Simulation Modes: Choose from 20 Film Simulation modes to replicate the look of classic photographic film stocks.


Enjoy analog operation with the X100VI!