Purchase training equipment that meshes with your home when you go for the IKEA DAJLIEN. This limited edition home training collection includes 19 versatile products.


Fits seamlessly into your home: The collection is inspired by actual homes. It addresses common home workout hangups like motivation, limited space, and time constraints.

Multifunctional: Many of the collection’s pieces are multifunctional. For instance, the DAJLIEN bench has storage and can serve as a training bench or a table.

Aesthetically pleasing colors: Then, the products in this home exercise collection feature subtle colors and details. They blend into your home and easily become part of the everyday environment.

Products for cool down: What’s more, this collection also supports cool down and stress relief. There are yoga straps, an air purifier, knee pads, a portable Bluetooth speaker, and a massage ball.


Live an active life at home with these products!