Elevate your next gathering with the JBL PartyBox lineup 2024. These party speakers bring immersive sound and lighting effects.


JBL PartyBox Club 120: Elevate your party experience with JBL Original Pro Sound, powerful bass, and a dynamic light show.

JBL PartyBox Stage 320: Unleash the party wherever you go. This speaker has JBL Original Pro Sound, high-sensitivity woofers, and dual tweeters. The portable design has a telescopic handle and sturdy wheels.

AI Sound Boost Technology: Both models feature HARMAN’s cutting-edge AI Sound Boost technology. It delivers powerful and distortion-free sound.

AuracastTM Connectivity: Connect and sync your PartyBox with other JBL Auracast-enabled PartyBox and portable speakers, creating a seamless and synchronized audio experience for larger gatherings.

JBL PartyBox Wireless Mic: The Wireless Mic delivers clear voice and crisp sound, featuring a cardioid pattern pickup to minimize unwanted noise.


Enjoy thumping beats and impressive battery life from the 2024 lineup!