Stay on the cutting edge of fashion while listening to music with the Kith for Bose Ultra Open Earbuds. These limited edition earbuds boast stunning design and sound.


Stylish cuff design: Featuring a unique cuff design, these earbuds clip to the side of the ear. In this way, they look more like jewelry than earbuds.

Comfortable wear: Meanwhile, their innovative wear style fits with your life. You can wear them with glasses, jewelry, and hats, and they feel comfortable.

Immerse yourself in audio: Best of all, these fashionable earbuds immerse you in high-quality audio while keeping you connected to your environment.

Kith lettering: Each earbud showcases the Kith logo in Bose’s iconic block letting. It’s a collaboration that offers the best of both brands.


Elevate your look while listening with these stylish earbuds.