Enjoy smooth, powerful gaming on the go with the MSI Claw A1M. This handheld gaming device has next-gen processors.


Ergonomic Excellence: This mobile gaming gadget molds to the natural contours of your grip. This ensures comfort for all hand sizes.

Next-Gen Hybrid Performance: Powered by the Intel Core Ultra 7 processor 155H, the Claw offers lightning-fast processing speeds.

Best-in-Class Battery Life: Unlock exceptional gaming endurance with the high-capacity battery. It delivers 50% longer-lasting power compared to the market average.

RGB Gaming Style: Immerse yourself in gaming aesthetics with RGB lighting.

7-Inch Premium Display: Dive into the ultimate gaming experience with the 7-inch premium 120Hz gaming display.

Wi-Fi 7 Ready: Stay connected with Wi-Fi 7, offering multi-gigabit performance and ultra-low latency.

Immersive Audio Experience: Delivering immersive and accurate audio placement, the Claw features 2W speakers and Hi-Res Audio Certification.


Enjoy smoother portable gaming and an ergonomic design with the Claw A1M.