Update your indoors in a big way with the Nanoleaf Smart Multicolor lightstrip for indoors. It has Matter integration and smart customizations.


Seamless Nanoleaf integration: Use the Multicolor Lightstrip with other Nanoleaf products. It integrates seamlessly.

Simple controls and smart customizations: Meanwhile, the simple controls make life easier. Plus, the smart customizations allow you to set schedules for convenience.

Create your own animations: Paint custom animations using various colors for an impressive gradient lighting effect.

Preset lighting Scenes: The preset lighting Scenes let you access thousands of additional Scenes in the Nanoleaf App.

Easy control via Matter: Control this smart indoor light strip easily using Matter, or directly via the Nanoleaf App using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You even have the option of voice control or a Manual Controller.


Enjoy simple controls and intelligent automation with this smart multicolor lightstrip!