Keep your pet’s food tasty and fresh with the Petlibro SPACE automatic pet feeder. It uses smart vacuum-sealing technology.


Vacuum-sealed food tank: With a valve and airflow design, this pet feeder automatically pumps out air. This leaves a negative pressure space, resulting in fresher, tastier food. It also blocks moisture, mold, bacteria & spoilage.

High-capacity food storage: The 34-cup food tank holds up to 7 pounds of pet food. For 2 cats, that’s 30 days of food.

Fits large treats: Meanwhile, the Petlibro SPACE dispenses kibble of up to 18mm in size without getting stuck.

Comfortable eating bowl: Even better, the wide, deep bowl is comfortable for cats and dogs. Cats can eat without their whiskers brushing the bowl’s sides, and dogs have enough space for larger portions.

Smart control: The app enables remote feeding, prerecorded messages, and a monitoring system.


Bring smart, automated feeding to your pets with this Petlibro automatic pet feeder.