Meet the Segway Ninebot eKickScooter E2 Pro. It’s powered by Segway Ninebot’s RideyLONG technology, which extends its range by 20%.


A 20% longer range: Travel up to 16.8 miles at 15.5 mph on a single charge, thanks to enhanced battery performance.
Comfortable commutes are yours: Enjoy a smooth and stable ride on any road with the anti-skid traction control system and 10-inch air-leakage-proof tubeless tires.
Incline support: Conquer slopes of up to 18% with the rear-wheel drive and a robust 750W motor.

LED display: Stay informed with the large LED dashboard displaying speed, battery level, and riding mode

Safety features: Commute safely with built-in front and rear indicators. They allow top-notch visibility.

Works with Apple Find My: Then, use the Apple Find My compatibility to locate your scooter.


Experience the pure joy of riding with the E2 Pro!