Say goodbye to mundane commutes with the Skwheel One. It's a thrilling fusion of skiing and micromobility. Enjoy the feeling of skiing on any terrain!

Have you ever wished you could ski to work or glide around your city? It’s possible with the Skwheel One electric ski. This gadget recreates the thrill of skiing on surfaces like asphalt, sand, nature trails, and more.

As a former skier who now lives in a warm climate, I often wish there was a way I could get the rush of a downhill descent at home. Well, it looks as though my dream has come true with the Skwheel One.

Designed in France, this electric ski is a genre all its own. Its wheels can handle any surface so that you can get that weightless feeling anywhere—trails at your local park, paved streets, gravel paths, and many others.

The product allows city dwellers like me to experience their favorite sport without an expensive out-of-state journey. Want to learn more? Then check out my in-depth review below.

Skwheel One informational video

Combine micromobility with outdoor recreation

I don’t know about you, but, these days, I’m looking to move around with less. Since I live in a city, the last thing I want to do is move my car (I’ll never find another spot) and navigate the narrow, car-lined street with my own hunk of metal.

So, the Skwheel One electric ski is a product that appeals to me. It’s adaptable to many surfaces—even cobblestone—and allows me to be in the fresh air.

All in all, this is a personal vehicle that offers freedom of movement and a nice adrenaline rush. It gives me the feeling that I’m skiing in areas where no one has—or probably ever will.

Skwheel One on a gravel trail

Feel like you’re gliding over snow

For me, the best part of skiing is that free, weightless feeling that happens during a downhill glide. Nothing can stop me; I’m part of the terrain. And it’s this sensation that the team at Skwheel aims to recreate.

How, you ask? Via an innovative pivot system. Yes, the pivot system of the electric ski is designed to recreate skiing movements accurately. Incredibly, it lets you carve with fluidity and accuracy on any surface.

I love that these innovative skis offer a true gliding sensation. I can carve over streets and trails just like on the slopes. Only with the Skwheel One, I don’t have to battle the windchill or travel far from home.

Skwheel One in a city scene

Tackle any terrain with the 4-wheel drive

Meanwhile, the Skwheel One electric ski also offers power. Yes, when I said that this gadget recreates the feeling of skiing, I wasn’t kidding. Featuring a 2,400W 4-wheel drive, this electric ski device takes you anywhere, effortlessly.

And, as I mentioned earlier, it easily handles a variety of terrain, and that’s due to the 4-wheel drive. Whether you prefer the beach, mountain trails, or urban asphalt, you’ll enjoy a limitless driving experience.

Check out the cool multifunctional handle

One of my favorite Skwheel One features is its cutting-edge multifunctional handle. This cool little component connects the skis for easy fitting on the go. It also keeps them tidy during storage and ensures they’re a breeze to transport.

When it’s time to go skiing, the handle transforms into a telescopic handle. With it in your hand, you can control your Skwheel and its maneuverability while you ski. The people at Skwheel say you can make the skis as easy to move as a wheeled suitcase, for example.

I, for one, love the idea of being able to speed up, slow down, or change my riding mode using just a remote control while I ski. It doesn’t get any simpler!

Go for comfort with the innovative chassis

What’s more, the Skwheel One is comfortable on pavements and during jumps. This is due to its composite and carbon fiber chassis. It brings strength and flexibility to aluminum foot skis.

And the best part is that with the strong, flexible design, you can feel comfortable having as much fun as you like during your electric ski expeditions. Go ahead and try that jump, or ride over any difficult terrain!

Ski with a lightweight battery

Like all electric vehicles, the Skwheel One electric ski relies on batteries for power. Luckily, they’re pretty lightweight at just 1.2 kg, and the pair are interchangeable.

That way, you don’t have to worry about them weighing you down during adventures. Plus, their interchangeability means you can easily swap them to continue your journey when necessary.

Store and transport this electric ski with ease

An additional feature city dwellers will love is the compact and transportable design. Each ski measures just 29.5″ L x 9.8″ H. So they’re easy to store in a closet or the trunk of a car. And, for sure, they take up less space in a city apartment than a mountain bike.

Have peace of mind with safety features

So maybe the idea of skiing on the road makes you feel a little vulnerable. I felt the same way the first time I saw this product. However, it was a needless worry because this electric ski has plenty of safety features.

The most notable is the dual braking system. It combines mechanical and electronic braking, allowing for both emergency stops and controlled deceleration. No matter what you encounter, the Skwheel One will stop safely and reliably.

The ski also features front and rear lights. They ensure that you’re visible to others on the road at all times. They also illuminate your path and look pretty stylish, too.

Ski in the city, suburbs, or anywhere

The Skwheel One electric ski is now one of my favorite ways to experience the outdoors in my city. As a former skier, it fulfills my need for a rush in a city center.

Yes, the ability to glide effortlessly on various surfaces, from nature trails to city streets, provides a sense of freedom. I especially value the innovative pivot system that allows the weightless feeling of skiing.

In my opinion, the Skwheel One is ideal for anyone seeking micromobility and adventure. The gadget has exceeded my expectations, delivering a true skiing experience in the heart of the city. If you want to combine adventure with practicality, the Skwheel One is worth considering.

Love the Skwheel as much as I do? Preorder it today on Indiegogo for about $1,850.

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