Hear what you want to hear with the Widex SmartRIC hearing aid. It supports natural hearing with its innovative L-shaped design.


Enhanced conversation clarity: Hear conversations even in noisy environments, thanks to SmartRIC’s unique L-shape design, which positions the device higher on your ear.

Enjoy extended use: SmartRIC’s long-lasting battery offers up to 37 hours of power. Plus, it comes with a portable charger for on-the-go power.

Say goodbye to wind noise and distractions:  SmartRIC’s microphone covers help minimize unwanted sounds, ensuring clearer hearing.

Sleek and modern aesthetics: SmartRIC boasts a stylish profile and soft rounded edges, making it the shortest in its class and offering maximum comfort.

Contemporary style: SmartRIC’s design exudes contemporary style, with a selection of colors to match your personal taste and modern lifestyle.


Experience the perfect blend of user-friendliness, aesthetics, and functionality with the Widex SmartRIC Hearing Aid!