Bring a dollhouse-sized TV into your life with the TinyCircuits TinyTV 2. It’s a portable, retro television that can play your favorite content.


Vibrant high-resolution: Don’t be fooled by this TV’s small dimensions. The TinyTV 2 has surprisingly crisp visuals.

A 1.14″ screen: Keep it on your desk, add it to your miniature collection, or display it in your living room to impress. Your friends and family have never seen a smaller, working TV.

Vintage style: Add a cozy vibe to any space thanks to the television’s retro, 1950s styling.

Play movies and shows: Yes, this miniature TV works. TinyCircuits can convert standard video files into a format that works on the TinyTV2.

Ready out of the box: You don’t have to worry about a complicated setup. This TV is ready to use the day you receive it.


Make movie night unique with this one-of-a-kind TV.