Enjoy your games on a new and improved screen with the Valve Steam Deck OLED. This console-like gaming handheld delivers better battery, faster Wi-Fi, and a larger picture.


New OLED display: With the OLED display, you get striking contrast, a larger picture, and impressive clarity. Expect purer blacks, more colors, and realistic motion rendition.

Play for longer: Meanwhile, this gaming gadget gives you 30%–50% more battery life. That’s thanks to a larger, more efficient battery.

Faster downloads: Also, the Wi-Fi 6E allows for more bandwidth and lower latency. This results in downloads that are up to 3 times faster.

Lighter, cooler design: Then, with a bigger fan and improved thermals, this gaming handheld is cooler. And it weighs only 30 grams.

Improved touchscreen: Enjoy a more responsive, accurate touchscreen.

Easy repairs: What’s more, the rear case screws are Torx type, enabling disassembly/reassembly.


Take your on-the-go play further with the Steam Deck OLED.