Create and perform electronic music from anywhere with the Yamaha SEQTRAK mobile music station. It’s compact and incredibly versatile.


Capture musical inspiration anywhere: Do you get your best ideas during walks or outings with friends? Thanks to the SEQTRAK’s compact design, you can record those beats anytime.

SEQTRAK app: What’s more, you can develop your ideas further in the app. It adds dimension and helps you form complete music and videos.

High-quality sound: With 2 versatile sound engines, you can expect high-quality sound.

Cool details: The AWM2 delivers an impressive 128-note polyphony and authentic sounds. Plus, the FM engine creates leads, synth pads, and FM electric pianos.

Discover over 2,000 presets: Meanwhile, the library of over 2,000 sounds enriches your work. Even better, the sampler provides 7 sound slots and effects you can customize.


Capture your musical ideas and share them with this music-creation station.