Enjoy superior sound and immersive features for multiplayer games with the Yamaha ZG02 Game Streaming Audio Mixer.


Made for PC gamers and streamers: Thanks to various microphone effects, you get features like ZG SURROUND, FOCUS MODE/EQ, 3D CHAT SPACE, Voice changer, Transceiver/Radio voice effect, and more.

3 Dedicated effect buttons: You get 2 for voice chat effects and 1 for game sound effects.

Convenient preset buttons: Placed near the console’s center, they give you quick access to effects processing for your voice, game audio, and sound FX.

Use your favorite mic or headset: Luckily, the ZG02 works with various popular condenser mics and headsets.
A compact, affordable design: Meanwhile, this streaming gadget is smaller than most mixing interfaces. Even better, it’s affordably priced.


Enhance live communication and your team’s cohesion with this audio mixer for streaming.