Get web search, AI translations, and more right in your field of vision with the Brilliant Labs Frame AI Glasses. They’re voice activated, too.


Multimodal AI: With multimodal AI built in, Frame gives you an AI assistant you can consult day and night.

Front-facing spatial camera: The front-facing spatial camera allows LLM-powered machine vision. It references recent web information.

AI-powered translations: These AI glasses translate what you see and hear thanks to Whisper, making international travel a breeze.

Live web searching: Then, perplexity allows these intelligent frames to search the web for what you see.

Open design: Whether you want to build, modify, or hack, Frame supports your ideas.

Lightweight construction: Weighing only 39g, these AI frames pack serious tech while providing a comfortable wear experience.


Add AI to your work and daily life—in style—with the Brilliant Labs Frame.