Cook pizzeria-style pies at home with the Gozney Arc & Arc XL gas-burning pizza ovens. They replicate wood fire.


A lateral side burner: Get consistent results thanks to the updated burner. It creates a flame similar to a wood fire that you control at the turn of a dial.

Even heat distribution: The updated burner, paired with a 20mm-thick cordierite stone floor, delivers even heat.

A larger oven: With an enlarged stone oven floor, you can cook 16″ pizzas in the Arc XL and 14″ pizzas in the Arc.

Plug-and-Play: Then, the plug-and-play design ensures this oven is easy to use out of the box.

Fast cooking: With the intuitive flame control reaching temperatures of up to 950°F, you can bake pizzas in as few as 60 seconds.

Digital thermometer: This feature alerts you when the stone is the ideal temperature for your pizza.


Enjoy delicious pizza with the Gozney Arc & Arc XL!