Take your music creation anywhere with the AIAIAI UNIT-4 Wireless+. These portable studio monitors offer high performance with ultra-low latency.


Portable Studio Monitors: Experience ultra-low latency, wire-free studio monitors with protective steel grills and regional power supplies. They offer studio-grade performance on the go.

Reference-Quality Audio: Designed for portability without compromising sound quality, these monitors deliver a precise soundstage and tonal accuracy. You can expect a flat frequency response from 50Hz to 20kHz and clean bass extension down to 40Hz.

Wireless Freedom: Enjoy a clutter-free setup with complete wireless freedom for both audio and power cables. Connect seamlessly to the 2-way active studio monitors via the W+ Link transmitter and experience over 20 hours of playback time.

Customizable Sound: Adjust sound profiles using predefined settings or a customizable 5-band EQ through the UNIT-4 mobile app.


Keep your creative process clutter-free with these wireless studio monitors.