Encourage your child’s imagination with the ONANOFF StoryPhones smart headphones for kids. Their StoryShields open a world of audio stories, music, and more. See their standout features.


A Library of Content: With these kids’ headphones, you get access to a library of content via the StoryShields. From classic stories to songs and learning activities, they keep your child entertained for hours.

SafeAudio Headphones: Meanwhile, you can have peace of mind that StoryPhones are safe for your little one’s ears. As award-winning SafeAudio headphones, their volume stays at a healthy level.

PlayShied: What’s more, the PlayShield feature allows you to record stories or songs in your voice. It’s a great way for family members to connect across the miles.

ZenShield: The ZenShield delivers high-fidelity soothing sounds. They’re ideal for helping overstimulated kids calm down and even sleep.


Help your kids experience high-quality storytelling with the StoryPhones!