Ensure your dog or cat gets meals on time with the Petlibro Air smart pet feeders. They come in both Wi-Fi and automatic versions.


AIR WiFi Feeder


Advanced App power: The Petlibro AIR WiFi lets you access all features on your phone.

Meal Scheduling: Preset up to 10 meals each day.

Feeding Logs: See how well your pet is eating.

Other features: This gadget includes the same features as the AIR Automatic.


AIR Automatic Feeder


Automatic feeding: Enjoy scheduled feeding, which helps both you and your pet.

Spill-Proof Design: If knocked over, food stays inside this automatic pet feeder.

Healthy Portions: Because this pet gadget allows you to schedule many small meals, your pet is less likely to overeat.

Mold Resistant: This Petlibro automatic feeder also prevents mold growth and Salmonella, for peace of mind.


Simplify pet care with the Petlibro AIR feeders!