Break down language barriers with the Mymanu Clik PRO translation earbuds. They provide seamless speech and text translation anywhere.


Innovation Award Winner: Mymanu Clik PRO is a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree, revolutionizing cross-cultural communication.

50+ Languages, Real-Time Translation: Meanwhile, these translation earbuds bring you real-time translation capabilities in 50+ languages.

Flexible Connectivity Options: Whether offline, via Wi-Fi, or with eSim, Clik PRO provides versatile connectivity for on-the-go translation.

Superior Sound Experience: The superior audio technology ensures clear communication during translated conversations.

Game-Changing Travel Companion: Meanwhile, these earbuds allow users to engage with diverse cultures. It becomes easier to try local cuisines and experience destinations.

Integrated Speaker and Translation: Clik PRO’s charging case integrates a unique speaker and translation functionality. It eliminates the need for a smartphone!


Create genuine connections and enjoy authentic travel experiences with these travel earbuds!