Can you fix the internet? You’ll find out when you gather to play the Clickport and Speedport unique board games.


2 unique gamesClickport and Speedport have their own unique gameplay. Play either with anywhere from 2 to 6 players, and anyone ages 14 and up can enjoy Clickport—8 and up for Speedport. Both are fairly quick, with Clickport taking about 30 minutes and Speedport taking about 15.
Ethernet connection: Connected by Ethernet cables as components, Clickport needs you to fix the server because it went down. Then, the best Etherneters play Speedport to figure out who is King of the Net.
Strategy and dexterityClickport prioritizes strategy as you use internet cables to create patterns. In Speedport, you create patterns as well—but only the fastest wins.


Are you the most dexterous and the fastest—maybe you’ll earn the title King of the Net!