Cook meat to perfection with the Typhur Sync accurate wireless meat thermometer. Using a Bluetooth 5.4 connection, you get synchronized temperature detection.


Bluetooth 5.4 Synchronization: Enjoy synchronized temperature detection over long distances with a Bluetooth 5.4 connection. It covers up to 400 feet in open spaces and 65 feet in enclosed spaces.

Ingenious Probe Design: The Sync boasts 2 probes and 6 strategically placed sensors. So you can be sure the readings are accurate.

Integrated, Compact Design: The Sync combines a compact monitor, charging case, and Bluetooth/WiFi bridge for remote connectivity and control.

Pioneering ZrO2 Handle: Featuring aviation-grade zirconia ceramic, the Sync’s handle is high-heat resistant. It can endure direct heat up to 707℉.

Waterproof and Durable: With an IP67 rating, the Sync is waterproof. It offers over 50 hours of battery life on a full charge, a 2-hour runtime with a quick 2-minute charge.


Make cooking more enjoyable with this wireless meat thermometer.