Counteract hand tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease with the GyroGear GyroGlove. It won a CES innovation award!


CES Innovation Awards Recognition: GyroGear has a CES Innovation Award for its groundbreaking GyroGlove, an advanced hand stabilizer that addresses hand tremors.

Purposeful Wearable Tech: The GyroGlove integrates comfort, design, and functionality. It gives users an elegant solution that enhances their quality of life across various daily activities.

Intersection of Disciplines and Innovation: The GyroGlove exemplifies innovation in medical technology. It aims to maximize the quality of life for individuals with movement challenges.

About GyroGear and GyroGlove: Inspired by aerospace and Formula 1 racing, GyroGear offers user-centered design and innovation.

Integrated Gyroscope: Meanwhile, the attached gyroscope has an integrated disk that spins. It helps users perform everyday tasks like holding a cup of coffee or getting dressed.


This gadget improves life for people with disabilities.