Check out an exciting innovation for visually impaired people, the .lumen Glasses. This AI haptic headset guides you safely past obstacles above and below the ground.


Revolutionary Haptic Interface: Powered by a patented haptic interface, the .lumen Glasses redefine navigation for the visually impaired. With an intuitive design, these glasses provide real-time feedback through a groundbreaking haptic system, ensuring safe and seamless mobility.

Obstacle Detection and Avoidance: Thanks to advanced sensors, the .lumen Glasses intelligently identify obstacles above or below ground, guiding users away from potential hazards.

Precise Navigation Assistance: Through rapid computations occurring 100 times per second, these glasses offer unparalleled guidance.

Tailored Comfort and Durability: Extensive testing and numerous design iterations result in a comfortable fit for 80% of adult head sizes. The .lumen Glasses are also durable, providing a reliable companion for exploring the world.


These groundbreaking glasses offer a transformative solution for the visually impaired, enabling safer and more independent navigation experiences.