Introducing AKASO Seemor, AI-ISP night vision goggles that revolutionize the way you perceive the night. With cutting-edge features, Seemor brings a new dimension to night vision technology, enhancing clarity, color reproduction, and overall visual experience.


Ultra-low light full-color night vision: Seemor delivers true full-color night vision with an impressive 99% vibrancy even in ultra-low light conditions.
Over 99% color reduction rate: The goggles offer over 99% color reduction, ensuring vivid and natural colors in every detail.
HD image and video quality: Powered by H.265 video encoding, Seemor provides high-definition image and video quality.
Over 500 m clear vision: With a vision range of over 500 meters, Seemor identifies humanoids within 1,640′ and buildings within 3,280′.
Up to 8 hours of battery life: Enjoy Seemor’s impressive 8-hour battery life.


Elevate your night vision experience with AKASO Seemor, where innovation meets unparalleled visual excellence.