Enjoy an interactive human-robot experience with the Unitree Go2. This AI robotic dog simulates real pet dog behavior.


Advanced Interaction: The Unitree Go2 AI robotic dog perfectly simulates real pet dog behavior, fostering human-robot interaction.

High-Performance Hardware: Go2’s 30% enhanced motor performance, extended battery life, and versatile connectivity options make it a new intelligent friend for various applications.

Adaptive Movement: Go2’s advanced control system ensures graceful pacing, balance, and diverse movements.

Real-Time App Fun: Enjoy limitless fun with Go2’s app, featuring real-time image transmission, radar display, and OTA upgrades.

Embodied Intelligence: The GPT-powered intelligence allows it to fully understand user intentions, comprehend surroundings, and evolve as a close robotic companion.

Limitless Fun in App: Go2’s app provides real-time image transmission. This lets users have a clear picture of the robot’s status for a fun and interactive experience.


Get an AI robot dog that listens to you with the Unitree Go2.