Have a neat, trim lawn with barely any effort with the AIRSEEKERS TRON AI robotic lawn mower. This garden gadget is equipped with seriously intelligent tech. Check it out.


Easy to Use: Don’t worry, this robot is easy to use. Just 1 click is all it takes to command it to map terrains.

Air Vision Tech: What’s more, the Air Vision technology enables this lawn mower robot to efficiently plan paths. That’s thanks to its 5-camera array.

FlowCut Tech: Meanwhile the Airseekers TRON can cut neat, beautiful lawns. It also vacuums the cut grass into a dual-blade chamber. There, it becomes fertilizer.

Smart App: Since this robotic lawn mower automatically adds predefined boundaries and virtual zones to the smart app, you see everything there. Also, you can set mowing schedules, create mowing patterns, get weather alerts, and more.


Make caring for your lawn easier with this smart robot lawn mower.