Enjoy precision, clarity, and long-distance support from the Almer Arc 2 AR headset for remote collaboration. It integrates seamlessly into real-world scenarios.


Unmatched Visual Clarity: The high-resolution display enhances troubleshooting accuracy. It brings you remote assistance that feels personal and nearby.

Lightweight Design: Meanwhile, the lightweight design makes support as easy as putting on your glasses.

Ready-to-Go AR Solution: The Arc 2 is ready from the moment you unbox. It offers an intuitive AR support experience, pre-optimized software, and reliable support.

Compact and Comfortable: Engineered for comfort at just 135 grams, Almer Arc is designed for extended wear during long shifts. Its compatibility with helmets, prescription glasses, and safety glasses allow a great fit for every user.

Unlimited Upgrades and Replacements: What’s more, the consistant updates keep you at the forefront of advancements.


Bring long-term efficiency and problem solving to your operations with this AR headset for remote collaboration.