Read in comfort before bed—without disturbing your sleeping partner—thanks to the Nightside NS01 personal task lamp. It has a dedicated reading spotlight and a beautiful design!

Looking for a bedside lamp that’s as good for reading as it is for setting the ambience? Then check out the Nightside NS01. This stylish bedside reading lamp has its own spotlight and won an A’Design Award.

As a homeowner, I’m pretty particular about lighting. I want an overhead light that illuminates the entire room—the best to read and write with—and accent lighting that’s warm and cozy.

Over the years, I’ve found that lights with dimmers are the most helpful to achieve these ends. I use their highest settings for work and lower them in the evening. This applies to both ceiling and decorative lighting.

The trouble is, I haven’t found a dimmable bedside lamp that’s as bright as I want for reading. Sure, my old paper lantern offers a wide range of low-light options, but it simply doesn’t offer the power I need for reading.

And that’s where the Nightside NS01 comes in. When it landed on my list of products to review, I couldn’t believe my luck. Because, internet reader, my New Year’s resolution is to read more books.

But, as a mother of 2, I have time to read right only before bed and, unfortunately, the aforementioned bedside paper lantern isn’t up to reading tasks. So, the Nightside NS01 table lamp came in the nick of time with its patented reading spotlight.

Do you want to read in comfort before bed, too? Then follow me as I dive into this elegant new table lamp.

A patented reading spotlight for bookworms

If you read before bedtime, you probably know that a chapter before sleep can help you drift off more easily. Experts say that doing so offers a much-needed break from screens, allowing the body to produce adequate levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, which the light from our devices can block.

However, many bedside lamps aren’t bright enough for reading. And, while reading in dim light won’t harm your eyesight, it can still cause eye strain and headaches, which are the last things anyone needs before hitting the old dusty trail.

Luckily, the Nightside NS01 bedside lamp has a patented reading spotlight. It consists of a multi-lens projection system that forms a bright, focused spotlight. As a bookworm, I find this to be really cool. In my years of promoting products at Gadget Flow, it’s the first lamp I’ve seen with such a feature.

It results in targeted bright light that illuminates the entire reading area and nothing else. That’s right; you can indulge in your latest sci-fi novel while your partner sleeps like a baby next to you—or vice versa. And the light it produces is pleasing for reading, sharpening the text on the page. So many book lights out there have a harsh blueish color that doesn’t encourage reading at all.

In my house, this is a game changer. If I or my husband want to read before bed, we no longer have to go to the couch so that the other can sleep; we can both wind down in comfort. Plus, we can finally ditch those book lights that neither of us likes.

A 3,000K warm-white LED creates a cozy, yet modern look

Lighting experts say that the closer a light gets to a yellow color on the lighting temperature scale, the more it can be thought of as a decorative item, rather than just a source of light.

And, when it comes to bedroom lighting, that’s exactly what I’m after. I want my bedroom to look cozy and natural—totally different from my workspace. So I leave cooler-toned lights for my office and choose more yellow-toned lighting that also looks nice for my nightstand.

So I was happy to see that the nightlight portion of the Nightside NS01 bedside lamp comes with a 3,000K warm-white LED. It meshes well with a modern home, complementing lighter colors, like white, on the walls. The slightly yellowish color from the LED is both fresh and calming, and it creates soft glow around the bedside. It really puts me in the mood for sleep.

Nightside NS01 in white with dimming dial

An integrated dimmer for versatile bedside lighting

On many bedside lamps, like the one I have now, the dimmer is actually on the cord. And this location is rather annoying because the dimmer dangles midway between the table and the floor behind my nightstand, making it difficult to reach.

In contrast, the dimmer of this bedside reading lamp is integrated into the base as a dial. It’s a convenient feature and one that I appreciate because it saves me from having to fumble for the dimmer in the morning.

The dimmer also gives me that flexibility I’m after. I can turn up the light to maximum for visibility, or set it mid-way while I’m doing chores. The lowest settings are ideal for relaxing before sleep. And finding that on a lamp isn’t as typical as you might think. So many times, I’ve purchased lamps that don’t dim as much as I think they should, so the Nightside NS01 reading lamp is a win with me in that respect.

Nightside NS01 back view of base

An A’Design Award winner

At first glance, I was most struck by this bedside reading lamp’s innovative design. It has an elegant tapered tube shape, and it brings a modern look into any space. Then, when the reading light is in its upright position, it looks stylishly sci-fi.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. This bedside reading lamp won an A’Design Award for 2023. This large, prestigious competition is considered one of the highest achievements in design, recognizing excellence and original work worldwide.

So, when you tuck in for a read before bed, you could do so beneath the light of an award-winning reading lamp. How fancy would that be?

Nightside NS01 lighting components and box

A lamp that’s hand-assembled in California

In tandem with an award-winning design, this bedtime reading lamp is also hand assembled in California. This ensures top-quality craftsmanship.

It may seem minor, but I consider hand-craftsmanship an important product feature. It’s good to know that a human constructed certain products and that a certain amount of care was used in the manufacturing process.

It means that the product wasn’t produced en masse, but for you, a customer who wants to illuminate their space in the nicest way possible.

A multiuse table lamp

I’ve described how great this product is as a bedside reading lamp. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that this product is also pretty versatile. New parents reviewing the product on the official website remark at its usefulness as a lamp for changing tables. I, too, went through that stage with my little ones and wish I’d had a similar product!

Another use I can imagine is as a living room table lamp. The dimmable base light adjusts to any cozy atmosphere you want to create, while the adjustable reading spotlight is great for armchair reading. Similarly, it would also be an excellent studio apartment lamp with it’s 2-in-1 design.

An eco-friendly lighting solution

These days, we consumers want everything to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Impressively, the Nightside NS01 is on trend. Using less than 1 watt of power, it’s a lamp you can feel good about.

Can you imagine a lamp that uses less than 1 watt of power? I grew up in the 90s, and this feels surreal. I remember when my mom would shop for 100W incandescent lights at the grocery store. And now, I can buy a reading lamp that requires less than 1 to run.

Most lamps can’t even hope to be as frugal. So, with this smart lamp, you not only get a reading and decorative light but an eco-friendly solution as well.

An ideal bedside reading companion

The Nightside NS01 is an innovative and practical lamp. Its patented reading spotlight, a unique feature, delivers targeted bright light to the reading area without disturbing anyone else. It’s a feature I’ve not seen on a table lamp before, and it allows both my husband and me to enjoy our pre-sleep reading rituals.

Meanwhile, the warm-white LED with a 3,000K temperature adds a touch of coziness to our bedroom, creating a serene and modern atmosphere. The integrated dimmer, conveniently located in the base, provides the flexibility I crave, from maximum brightness for reading to a subdued glow for winding down.

Meanwhile, as an A’Design Award winner for 2023, I know it blends form and function in an artistic way. It’s not a bedside lamp I’ll easily find, imitated by other brands. Mine will be unique.

In my opinion, the Nightside NS01 is an excellent addition to any bedroom. If you’re in search of a bedside lamp that’s great for reading and looks stylish, this is a product to consider.

Love the Nightside NS01? Buy it for $349 on the official website.

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