Bring ambient lighting and high-quality sound into your home with the Harman Kardon Aura Studio 4. This Bluetooth home speaker has more lighting themes than its predecessor and syncs with music.


Iconic Design, Unmatched Sound: Elevate your home with the visually stunning Aura Studio 4 Bluetooth speaker. Its iconic design blends aesthetics with functionality.

Breathtaking Audio Experience: Experience superior performance with a 6-speaker array, distinct channels, and dedicated amplifiers that create a wide soundstage.

Dazzling Light Show: Dance to the rhythm of your music with the Aura Studio 4’s transparent dome. It radiates diamond-effect lighting in all directions.

Seamless Wireless Streaming: Share your favorite playlists. The Aura Studio 4 seamlessly pairs with any mobile device for wireless streaming.

Sustainable Craftsmanship: Designed with sustainability in mind, Aura Studio 4 is crafted from 100% recycled fabric, 100% recycled aluminum, and 85% recycled plastic.


Enjoy a powerful and vibrant audio experience with the Aura Studio 4!