Make every print a success with OSEQ. The SHEETS and SAFE SHEETS provide great adhesion and a velvety smooth finish. These 3D-printing plates are the ones you’ll love to print with again and again.


Wide compatibility: They work with all filaments and fit all printers. Rest assured that the size and style you choose will work for you.
Easy use: You don’t have to use any glue with these SHEETS thanks to their incredible adhesion.
Double-sided design: These premium-quality steel plates are flexible and attach to magnetic beds for use on either side.
Easy oil visibility: Thanks to the easy grease visibility, you can see where you need to wipe your plates clean with IPA (alcohol).


Their velvety smooth PEI powder-coated surface is one you’ll love to add to your 3D printing setup. With a long-lasting usability, these OSEQ SHEETS will stay with you for years.