Meet the Brisk It NeoSear concept smart grill. Offering revolutionary InnoGrill 2.0 Generative Cooking AI, this intelligent grill combines traditional wood-fueled fire with high-powered electric heating elements.


Hybrid fuel: NeoSear hybridizes wood pellet power with electric coils for rapid high temperatures and precision searing.
AI integration: InnoGrill 2.0, a generative AI, autonomously generates and cooks unique recipes based on user queries. It responds to user queries and dynamically generates unique grilling programs based on Brisk It’s dataset and AI model.
Customization: It’s adaptable to user preferences, serving size, recipes, schedules, and ingredients.
Precise design: Its precision automated grilling offers significant smoke flavor.


Brisk It’s NeoSear and InnoGrill 2.0 redefine grilling, offering an effortless and precise cooking experience with an advanced AI cooking system.