Add the KiiBOOM Phantom 81 V2 crystal keyboard to your workspace and enjoy its futuristic design and advanced features. With its gasket mount and PC mounting plate, it offers durability and longevity.


Popular hot-swapping technology: The colored PCB with hot-swapping technology lets you customize the keyboard to your liking.
3 connectivity modes: Connect via Type-C Wired, Bluetooth 5.0, or 2.4 GHz modes. This allows for adaptability and seamless connectivity depending on your setup.
Upgraded PC plate for gasket mount: The PC plate enhances the gasket mount system. You’ll enjoy a unique typing feel with a soft and consistent touch.
South-facing LEDs: Creating a uniform lighting effect, the LEDs also reduce glare thanks to their location.
OS compatibility: Compatible with Mac and Windows, it caters to diverse preferences.


It blends futuristic aesthetics, innovative technology, and versatile connectivity options.