Make movie nights more enjoyable with the SoundFun Mirai dialogue enhancing speaker for TVs. You won’t need to turn up the volume to comprehend speech.


Crystal-Clear TV Dialogue at Home: Elevate your home entertainment experience with the SoundFun Mirai Speaker. Designed to sharpen speech quality and reduce background noise, it ensures clearer dialogue for TV shows and movies.

Improved Dialogue Clarity with Loved Ones: Mirai Speaker goes beyond raising the volume. It boosts dialogue, allowing users to hear speech without disrupting those around them.

Great Stereo Sound with Dual Curved Speakers: Plus, with dual curved speakers powered by AudibleWave Technology, you also get excellent surround sound.

Effortless Setup: Setting up the Mirai Speaker is a breeze. Simply plug in the device, connect it to your TV, turn the dial, and you’re ready to go.


Get an immersive home theater experience with the SoundFun Mirai.